Water Saving Project

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Project Brief

Top Left – 100 ml downpipes from clubhouse, Middle – downpipes from work shed Right – Inlet and overflow pipes, Bottom Left  – Overflow discharge and stale water flush.

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Mullumbimby Rugby League Football Club has recently installed the latest green technology to save water with the assistance of the Community Savers stream of the NSW Government Climate Change Fund. A Fund which helps community organisations to save water and power, minimise carbon pollution, and eliminate unnecessary water and energy costs by providing more effective and efficient facilities and fixtures.

Mullumbimby Rugby League Football Club was one of was one of 442 projects to receive $10 million under the NSW Climate Change Fund Public Facilities Program Community Savers stream. Together, they will save an estimated 2.15 billion litres of water and 85,000 tonnes, or 1.7 billion black balloons of carbon pollution in the first ten years. Participating organisations are estimated to save an average of $4,394 a year on their water and energy bills.

The funding has enabled rain water to be harvested from the clubhouse roof and stored in a 149,000litre tank for recycling in toilet and urinal flushing. These measures are estimated to save 7 million litres of water in the first 10 years. President of the MRLFC, Adam McKenzie, said that the club was excited by this project and it would compliment the other projects the club has engaged in to reduce carbon pollution and better manage the environment.

Funding from the Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority has enabled environmental issues to be addressed with the recently planted native trees thriving and native plants naturally regenerating in the riparian zone. A climate friendly solar hot water system has been recently installed and the solar panels on the roof of the club have greatly reduced the club’s carbon footprint.

The Cancer Council has provided funding to help build the solar shelters at the front of the club – a much welcome addition for all the touch and Austag players. “It’s been good to be able to use these renewable resources, and the many people who use the club’s facilities can see first-hand what we’ve done to help the environment” said President McKenzie.